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DUY 529 - Maritime Occupational Health & Safety

Course Objectives

1. To teach the international expectations towards occupational health and safety.
2. To teach design and effective implementation of occupational health and safety management systems.
3. To teach required techniques for enhancing the ship occupational safety concept.
4. To teach training and audit planning towards occupational health and safety implementations in maritime industry.

Course Description

Fundamental principles of occupational health and safety; Occupational health and safety standards; ILO perspective and MLC’2006 convention; Hazard sources classification and identification techniques; Occupational accidents and diseases; Direct/Indirect cost analysis of occupational accidents; Utilization of risk assessment techniques in occupational safety concept; Determination and implementation of safety precautions; Shipboard ergonomics & workplace design; Occupational safety in shipboard maintenance; Emergency planning on board ships; Training planning on occupational health and safety on-board ships; Establishing ship occupational safety audit mechanism; Existing national/international legislation.

Course Coordinator
Metin Çelik
Course Language
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