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JEO 591 - Geology of Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resources

Course Objectives

1. Increase awareness of unconventional hydrocarbon resources
2. Evaluate hydrocarbon generation and expulsion to source conventional reservoirs
3. Learn about the key factors influencing the quality- and producibility of uncon-ventional reservoirs
4. Determine the content of the retained (un-expelled) oil and/or gas
5. Evaluate frackability to produce retained hydrocarbons

Course Description

The content of the "geology of the unconventional hydrocarbon resources" course mainly includes evaluation of unconventional hydrocarbon occurrences such as shale oil and shale gas. The regions where source rock has not expelled the generated hydrocarbons, known as sweet spots, and thus suitable for exploitation will be evaluated by multi-disciplinary approach.

Course Coordinator
Sedat İnan
Sedat İnan
Course Language
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