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DTM 505E - Ship Design For Seakeeping

Course Objectives

This course aims to introduce computational procedures to estimate and improve the seakeeping performance of ships and other marine and offshore vehicles.

Course Description

A review of ship design process, Hull form development in design of marine vehicles, Hydrodynamic considerations in design of marine vehicles, Seakeeping consideration in design of marine vehicles, Habitability, Operability, Mobility, Survivability, Specific seakeeping responses, Representation of irregular seaway, Dynamics of ship motions, Prediction of ship motions, Equation of motion, Hydrodynamic coefficients, Strip theory approach, Seakeeping performance assessment, Seakeeping criteria, Seakeeping design methodologies, Operation zones, Regression equations based on model test results, Ranking approach, Influence on main dimensions and form on seakeeping, Hull form generation, Forward and inverse design methods for seakeeping, Effect of objective functon and geometric constraints, Other design considerations, Design examples

Course Coordinator
Kadir Sarıöz
Course Language
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