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UYJ 518 - Applied Environmental Geology and Geochemistry

Course Objectives

Recently, determinations of geological factors in order to develop health living conditions have gotten significant amount attention. In that frame, Environmental geology and geochemistry have been a main class in geology education in the world. Therefore, this class should be in geology program as well in order to not only providing new job position to our students but also following the new trends in geology education in the world

Course Description

Environment-Geology, basic geological parameter in environmental investigations, evaluotions of geological data in site and region planning, sampling and interpretation methods in industrial contamination. The collaboration study techniques in geology with geomechanics, geotechniques, soil and other sub-sciences, geochemical investigations of man made wast and contaminations effects. Examples of geological - geochemical studies in actual environmental protections and developments.

Course Coordinator
Yüksel Örgün Tutay
Course Language
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