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JEO 593 - Using of Remote Sensing Methods in Mining Research

Course Objectives

1. To provide basic information about Remote Sensing and next generation remote sensing technologies in mining surveys
2. Make a general assessment of traditional mining research methods and compare them with satellite technology
3. Improvement of the ability to use image processing techniques that discriminate minerals specific to economic deposits according to their spectral properties
4. To create awareness of the different use characteristics of the multispectral, hyperspectral and thermal images in mine searches
5. Deciding on the satellite image and remote sensing method to be used according to the type of mine and giving application skill

Course Description

Determination of economic deposits in mineral exploration
Remote sensing methods to be used in the processing of satellite / airborne / drone based Multi-hyperspectral-TIR images
Spectral properties of minerals specific to economic mineral deposits
Image processing techniques that distinguish minerals unique to economic mineral deposits

Course Coordinator
Mustafa Kumral
Muhittin Karaman
Course Language
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