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MMI 581 - Special Topics in Materials and Manufacture

Course Objectives

1. To strengthen students’ knowledge on fundamental constitutive material equations
used to model engineering materials.
2. To become familiar with the polymer physics, structures and processing
2. To gain skills on composite materials modelling and innovative applications of
carbon derivative reinforced composite materials
3. To introduce principal additive manufacturing techniques.
4. To introduce bioinspired structures, biomimicry and hierarchical structures.
5. To strengthen students’ knowledge on design oriented material selection.
6. To introduce fundamental experimental characterization tools.

Course Description

The course treats the up-to-date important topics in the field of materials and manufacturing. In addition to examining the basic theoretical issues related to materials and manufacturing, today's industrially innovative materials and manufacturing methods will be examined with examples.

Course Coordinator
Alaeddin Burak İrez
Course Language
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