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KTB 502E - Spatial Data & Systems in Polar Regions

Course Objectives

This course aims
1. To introduce students to spatial concepts that are important in the polar projects and activities.
2. To lecture the concepts and principles of location and layout of points on the surface of the three-dimensional earth will be studied from both an historical and a modern technology perspective.
3. To solve the problem of converting the curved surface of the earth onto a plane map or computer screen.
4. To introduce modern measurement and positioning systems such as InSAR and GNSS.
5. To introduce the geodetic applications with using Remote sensing
6. To introduce the basics and types of GIS.

Course Description

Geodesy concept and surveying techniques. Fundamentals of Remote Sensing and its applications. Concept and usage areas of GIS. GIS Data types and data acquisition. Spatial analysis with GIS. Spatial data visualization. Map projections and datum in GIS.

Course Coordinator
Himmet Karaman
Course Language
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