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KMM 505E - Solid Fuel Conversion Tech.

Course Objectives

To provide information on solid fuels such as coal, oil-shale, and biomass.
To predict the effects of physical, chemical and thermal properties of solid fuels on conversion processes.
To study the solid fuel conversion processes such as pyrolysis, gasification, liquefaction, carbonization, and combustion with respect to thermodynamics and reaction kinetics.
To analyze large scale solid fuel conversion processes, working conditions, and equipments used.
To provide information on the air-borne emissions resulting from the conversion processes, and environmental impact.

Course Description

Introduction to fuel science (world fossil energy reserves, historical perspective of fuels); oil shales, coal, biomass definition and terminology, mineral matter, macerals, thermodynamics and kinetics for solid fuel gasification, pyrolysis process; coal liquefaction, asphaltite structure, conversion and characterization, principal analytical methods; environmental aspects of fuel science, combustion mechanism of solid fuels, combustion systems, and air-borne emissions.

Course Coordinator
Serdar Yaman
Course Language
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