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KMM 504E - Carbon&Carbon Related Mater.

Course Objectives

1. To provide information on carbon and carbon resources.
2. To provide information on physical and chemical properties of carbon.
3. To introduce carbon materials.
4. To provide information on usage areas of carbon materials.
5. To introduce the developments on the design and technology of carbon materials.

Course Description

Terminology of carbon materials, isotopes, allotropes, structure and properties. Carbon materials, carbonization: mesophase theory, adsorption phenomena in carbons, porosity in carbons, carbon reactions, carbon fibers, carbon-carbon composites, fullerenes and carbon nanotubes, carbon biomaterials: for bio-compatible implant device coatings and carbon materials for enhanced fracture resistance, carbon materials for energy and transportation applications.

Course Coordinator
Serdar Yaman
Course Language
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