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MBL 549E - Special Top.in Arch.Des.Comp.

Course Objectives

To introduce the related terminology, historical background and current debates related to digital design, form and architecture research trio, to initiate a questioning and discussion on the state of form concerning digital design theory and praxis.

Course Description

The course examines past and contemporary digital design theory and practice approaches to enable a critical discussion on the current state of digital design, computation and representation concerning the quest of the form in design and architecture. It focuses on the evolving meanings of form by discussing the paradigmatic shifts in architecture that occurred via technological developments. The course covers critical discussions on the topics such as morphology, topology, computation and aesthetics concerning form generation, representation and production. Reading materials cover book chapters and research articles by architects, researchers, and designers. Workshops and guest speakers will support the course to foster the discussions.

Course Coordinator
Ayşegül Akçay Kavakoğlu
Course Language
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