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KTB 512E - Rol.of Cha.Arc.Cli.in Stra.Dy.

Course Objectives

Understanding the reasons and the results of the Arctic Amplification
Understanding the interaction between the midlatitudinal tropospheric circulation and the stratospheric polar vortex
Investigating the effect of change in arctic climate over the stratosphere by various climate models
Understanding the interaction between Arctic climate and the stratospheric ozone chemistry
Understanding the effect of Arctic climate change on atmospheric oscillations and circulations.

Course Description

Arctic Amplification, interaction between temperature gradient of the Arctic and the midlatitudes, examining meridionalisation of the atmospheric flow and the temperature gradient, warm air and its advection into the Arctic, Transport of dry cold polar air into the midlatitudes, influence of polar dry and cold air in Eurasia and North America, Advection of warm air and its effect on the Arctic sea ice, Effect of warm air advection on the increased transport of heat and momentum, influence of the warm air advection on the wave propagation from the tropo- into the stratosphere and weakening of the stratospheric polar vortex, effect of warm air advection on the tropospheric circulation in the midlatitudes, In the frame of the course, the physical mechanisms in tropo-stratospheric interaction explained above will be examined throughly.

Course Coordinator
Deniz Demirhan
Course Language
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