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KTB 504E - Polar Biogeochemistry

Course Objectives

1-Understanding of biogeochemical cycles and their interactions at Polar Systems

2-Understanding of the major impact of climate changes on biogeochemical properties of glacial sediments and ocean.

3-Understanding of the major global pathways of bioactive elements and related to them with global climate change

Course Description

The aim of the course is to introduce the students to the nature, diversity and metabolic impact of microorganisms on S, C, N and P cycles at low temperature conditions and thus examine the Earth’s biogeochemical cycles at Polar region . The class deals with processes of inorganic and organic chemistry of biologically significant elements and focus on biogeochemical cycling of carbon, sulfur, phosphor, nitrogen and iron in glacial sediments, rivers, the ocean and atmosphere. Interactions between these biogeochemical cycles will be discussed during the class

Course Coordinator
Nurgül Çelik Balcı
Course Language
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