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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Proje II - Tez Tasarımı
English Project II Dissertation Design
Course Code
MTS 527E Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Belkıs Uluoğlu
Course Objectives 1.Side-disciplines of information contained in the thesis work, to start preliminary work (pilot field
studies, observation, preliminary analysis, project preparation and so on.)
2.Compilation of theoretical and practical studies in these areas, a critical look into the information used in
the interpretation and thesis.
Course Description Theoretical approach to dissertation research; Evaluation of theoretical data for history, environment,
medicine, economics, technology, engineering basic sciences; Obtaining the conceptual approach;
Conceptual framework; Definition of concepts and interaction with data;
Commenting data which converted to design knowledge; Controlling the design knowledge according to
social, scientific, cultural and ethical values; Progressing the design knowledge by using information and
communication technologies in expert level; Progressing the strategies and policies; Progressing the
implementation plans; Leadership approaches to solve the problems; Types of written presentations to
present the studies in scientific platforms; Types of oral and/or visual presentations to present the studies in
scientific platforms; Research, scientific and professional ethics
Course Outcomes Graduate students who successfully pass this course gain the following knowledge, skills and proficiencies
1. The ability to use the expert-level theoretical and practical knowledge
2. Interpreting and forming new types of knowledge by combining the knowledge from the area and
knowledge from various other disciplines
3. Solving the problems faced in the area by making use of the research methods
4. The ability to carry out a specialistic study related to one’s area independently
5. Fulfilling the leader role in the environments where solutions are sought for the problems
6. Assessing the specialistic knowledge and skill gained through the study with a critical view and
directing one’s own learning process
7. Using the computer software together with the information and communication technologies efficiently
and according to the needs of the area
8. In the programs with thesis, the ability to present one’ s own work within the international
environments orally, visually and in written forms
9. Developing strategy, policy and application plans concerning the subjects related to the area
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