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KIM 620E - Contemporary Themes in Polymer Chemistry

Course Objectives

• To express the basics of polymer chemistry and compare the traditional synthetic methods with the contemporary tendencies
• To teach the synthesis and characterization of complex structures like block, graft and star copolymers and telechelics via the combination of controlled /living polymerization routes and the high yielded coupling reactions. To inform the students about the contemporary tendencies in polymer science on an international scale
• To inform the students about the combination of controlled /living polymerizations with recent methods like photopolymerization and its advantages
• To express the current subjects in the field of polymer chemistry such as hydrogels. bio-conjugated structures, polymeric nano-structures, new generation resins. polymeric ionic liquids
• To make students gain experience on following the recent developments in the literature to promote the creativity of the students by taking their attention in open discussions

Course Description

In this course, firstly fundamentals of polymer science and classical polymeric structures will be discussed. Then, controlled /living polymerization techniques will be examined and compared with the traditional polymerization methods. Afterwards, high yielded and orthogonal reaction types like click chemistry and other coupling reactions will be explained. After this elemental knowledge is given, synthesis, characterization and applications of complex macromolecular structures like block, graft, star and telechelic type polymers will be discussed. Basic principles of photopolymerization will be discussed and its combination with controlled/living polymerization techniques will be examined. Thereafter, bioconjugated polymers, hydrogels, nano-structures in polymers, synthesis and development of benzoxazines and traditional resins will be studied following the recent studies reported in the literature.

Course Coordinator
Kerem Kaya
Course Language
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