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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Dijital Ortamda Mimari Tasarım Ve Modelleme
English Digital Arch.Design&Modelling
Course Code
MBL 513E Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Mine Özkar Kabakçıoğlu
Course Objectives Getting 3 D modeling ability

Design a building via a solid modeling software
Course Description Modelling in computer and modelling of architectural design product by using CAD software; Parametric object design and applications of parametric architectural design; Integration of design with sound and animation; Structures of database of CAD and their management; Software necessary for modelling of an architectural design process from the conceptual phase to the presentation phase in computer environment and their applications; Case studies on architectural design problems by CAD software.
Course Outcomes Developing and intensifying knowledge in the architectural design computing area, based upon the competency in the undergraduate level

Grasping the inter-disciplinary interaction related to the architectural design computing area; Interpreting and forming new types of knowledge by combining the knowledge from the architectural design computing area and knowledge from various other disciplines

The ability to use the expert-level theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in architectural design computing area

Solving the problems faced in the area by making use of the research methods

The ability to carry out a specialistic study related to architectural design computing area independently

Using the computer software together with the information and communication technologies efficiently and according to the needs of the architectural design computing area

Using the knowledge and the skills for problem solving and/or application (which are processed within the area) in inter-disciplinary studies
Required Facilities
Other References
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