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MBL 555E - Digital.of Archite.Heritage

Course Objectives

1. To gain an overview of the future of digitalization of architectural heritage,
2. To transfer the concept of architectural heritage, gaining the ability to apply documentation techniques,
3. To analyze and visualize big data of architectural heritage,
4. To increase the digital interaction with architectural heritage and new technologies.

Course Description

This course introduces the concept of digitalization, documentation and representation of architectural heritage from a general perspective. The concept of digitalization of Architectural Heritage which consists the stages such as documentation, data collection and processing, visualization and presentation; is also handled together with the city as a whole, all architectural heritage elements that make up the city in different scales and contexts. Data collection and processing methods, the rapid 3D digitalization methods, and interactive immersive environments, which constitute the concept of digitalization of Architectural Heritage, will be covered. The students will work in groups to collect the dataset of a historical heritage that they document and process digitally; model and present it in immersive environments. Interdisiplinary studies will be encouraged.

Course Coordinator
Derya Güleç Özer
Course Language
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