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JEO 617 - Natural Zeolites

Course Objectives

1. General concept about geology, occurrences and raw-material characteristics.
2. General concept about mineralogy, XRD determinations, SEM morphology, unit-cell chemistry of natural zeolites.
3. General concept about deposits and mining of natural zeolites in the world and Turkey.
4. General concept about technological properties, utilization of natural zeolites.

Course Description

Zeolite - group minerals; crystal structures, chemical characteristics, optical properties, XRD and high temperature XRD studies, thermal behaviors (DTA and TG), IR and NMR data. Zeolite occurrences in various environments; diagenetic alteration, hydrothermal alteration, burial metamorphism, deep sea occurrences. Facies changes. Rock types for zeolitization. Estimating of zeolite content in bulk rock, zeolite-rich rocks. Ion-exchange and adsorption properties of zeolites. Utilization of natural zeolites and their parameters. Zeolites in the world. Zeolites in Turkey. Geological classification and technological characteristics of Turkish zeolites.

Course Coordinator
Recep Fahri Esenli
Course Language
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