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KMM 547E - Des.&Cont.of Novel Disti.Proc.

Course Objectives

To provide the basic concepts of alternative distillation technologies for the separation of azeotropic mixtures.

To provide the basic concepts of distillation technologies based on process intensification.

To analyze energy-efficient distillation technologies.

To gain ability to develop conceptual design and basic control structures for these special distillation processes.

To gain ability to use simulation programs for steady-state and dynamic simulations of these processes.

Course Description

The course will cover the basic concepts and applications on the design and control of special distillation processes which are different than the conventional distillation columns. These special processes consist of technologies including process intensification applications, separating azeotropic mixtures and helping to decrease the energy consumption in distillation units.

Course Coordinator
Devrim Barış Kaymak
Course Language
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