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KMM 617E - Hyd.&Carbondi.Util.Techn.

Course Objectives

• To provide information on hydrogen economy and carbon dioxide mitigation.
• To study termodynamics, basic reactions and physical chemistry of hydrogen and carbon dioxide on conversion processes
• To analyze the questions: ‘Where does hydrogen come from?’ and ‘Can carbon dioxide be a hydrocarbon feedstock for valorization?’
• To analyze the use of hydrogen as an energy storage, carrier or a commodity by reviewing the technoeconomic feasibilities, global cost figures and market shares
• To provide information on advanced carbon dioxide separation, capture and utilization technology approaches

Course Description

Hydrogen and carbon dioxide utilization technologies, hydrogen economy as a critical piece of the global energy transformation, the characteristics of hydrogen and carbon dioxide, their potential role in decarbonizing the global energy system, the main approaches on hydrogen production and storage, carbon dioxide separation and storage, hydrogen and carbon dioxide utilization as a chemical feedstock.

Course Coordinator
Alper Sarıoğlan
Course Language
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