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PET 517E - Petrophysics

Course Objectives

Establishing the basic philosophy for the study of rock properties and rock-and-fluid interactions; 2. Providing the methods for measuring and evaluating the properties and their variations of dry and fluid saturated rocks to be used in assessing oil, gas, and geothermal reservoirs; 3. Emphasizing the importance of rock properties and rock-fluid interactions as affecting factors in reserves and production calculations in oil, gas, and geothermal applications and research; 4. Expressing the inter-relations of measured properties of subsurface rocks, the conditions validating these relations, and the estimation of other parameters of rocks and the fluids they contain using such relations.

Course Description

Concepts, theories, laboratory and field measurement methods for the properties of porous and permeable rocks, i.e. porosity, surface area and roughness, particle and pore size distribution, compressibility, electric, acoustic, mechanic, magnetic, radioactive, etc, and for their interactions in wettability, interface, capillarity, imbibition, permeability, and flow with the gases, hydrocarbon liquids, and aqueous solutions they contain.

Course Coordinator
Hasan Özgür Yıldız
Hasan Özgür Yıldız
Course Language
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