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GID 503 - Food Safety Systems

Course Objectives

Educate students to;
1. Gain knowledge on food safety and quality management concepts
2. Develop knowledge on quality management, HACCP and food safety management systems and their relationships between each other
3. Develop ability to implement the HACCP system
4. Evaluate prerequisite programs, hazards and hazard analysis
5. Develop extensive knowledge about national and international standards in the area of food safety

Course Description

Introduction to food safety and quality management; HACCP and food safety management
systems (principles, definitions and terms used in standards, implementation stages); prerequisite
programs; hazards and hazard analysis; linking HACCP and food safety management systems
with quality management systems; national and international standards; application samples from
the food industry

Course Coordinator
Hatice Funda Karbancıoğlu Güler
Course Language
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