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PEM 617E - Green Urban.:Parad.&Interd.Pr.

Course Objectives

This course introduces students Green Urbanism concentration to the range of urban challenges. Through weekly readings, seminar presentations, research tutorials, and discussions, incoming students will be introduced to the research agendas of several problems with respect to risk ecologies, infrastructure, conservation and brown fields. From this introduction, and through the work of the seminar, students will be invited to identify a particular problem to inform their papers from amongst the various challenges articulated in the seminar.
The seminars introduce students to the context and culture of urban research at the Landscape Architecture Department. Members of the seminar will be invited to read into the discourse surrounding a diverse array of urban questions, and to understand the disciplinary and methodological implications of those questions. Upon completion of the seminar, students will be invited to articulate a specific urban question to mobilize their research. Students will present this question in the form of a seminar presentation and paper on the subject at the end of the term.

Course Description

This first session involves a course introduction, including goals, structure, content and expectations. This introduction surveys the role that research plays in the structure of the Masters program, through a brief overview of the sets of research questions presented in the course.

Course Coordinator
Gülşen Aytaç
Course Language
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