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MTS 538 - Typomorphological Analysis in Architecture.

Course Objectives

1. Theoretical background formation for understanding Urban Morphology, under the topics of urban morphology, formal elements, and the city.
2. Approaches to Architectural Typology; type and typology, methodology of typology, typology of buildings, and typology of unstructured spaces.
3. Discussion on Typomorphology in Architecture; purpose of typomorphology and understanding of urban space, typomorphological method, styles: Italian, English and French approaches, morphogenetic concept in architecture, and morphogenetic change.

Course Description

To analyze the urban fabric in order to better understand the architectural qualities of the environment; to examine the characteristics of urban and architectural patterns in two ways, typological and morphological; to understand the formation of the architectural environment with a holistic approach based on the typo-morphological method.

Course Coordinator
Tan Kamil Gürer
Course Language
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