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MKC 526 - Biomechanics

Course Objectives

This course aim:
1. To introduce the students the hard and soft tissue biomechanics and biological forces.
2. To introduce the students the structure and the mechanical properties of the hard and soft tissues.
3. To develop an understanding on the essentials of implant / prosthesis design.

Course Description

Fundamentals of bone mechanics; Hard and soft tissue biomechanics, structure, types and mechanical properties; Mechanically mediated bone adaptation, osseointegration, micro-motion, stress shielding and bone resorption; Materials for implants and prothesis, properties and their forms; Aspects of Biocompatibility and its importance in implant and prosthesis design; Interface of Tissue and Biomaterial, interface geometires and load transfer between tissue and biomaterial

Course Coordinator
Süreyya Ergün Bozdağ
Course Language
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