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JEO 592E - Geochemistry of Fossil Fuels

Course Objectives

1. Characterization of fossil fuels and hydrocarbon source rocks by application of organic geochemical and organic petrographic methods
2. Evaluation of thermal maturity, hydrocarbon generation and expulsion processes by both laboratory analyses and computer-aided basin modeling
3. Use of thermal maturity indicators for calibration of basin modeling

Course Description

The content of this course will be the geochemistry of fossil fuels, namely oil, gas and coal. Organic geochemical and organic petrographic characterizations of hydrocarbon source rocks will be discussed in light of depositional environment, burial and thermal histories and hydrocarbon generation processes. Use of organic geochemical (thermal maturity) indicators for calibration of basin modeling calibration will also be dealt with in details

Course Coordinator
Sedat İnan
Course Language
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