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PEM 618E - Social Studies in Landsc.Arc.

Course Objectives

1. To discuss theoretical foundations of research that specifically researching social sub-groups such as children, disabled, elderly etc.
2. To discuss how criteria such as gender, ethnicity and socio-economic background affects landscape perception and use.
3. To show active use of remote sensing and GIS application in the case of social research subjects and their analysis.
4. To develop skills to transfer this social knowledge to landscape design practice.
5. To promote required tools and their use for creating social interaction with locals in scientific research or landscape design practice area, in order to collect data and develop analysis about social context of an area.

Course Description

This course aims to show and discuss theoretical social studies to post-graduate students and discuss how this theoretical knowledge implies to landscape architecture research and practice using several case study areas. Moreover, it was also aimed to show students how this theoretical knowledge can be transferred to social base research or landscape design practice.

Course Coordinator
Melih Bozkurt
Course Language
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