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KTB 510E - Human Impact in the Polar Reg.

Course Objectives

1. To obtain knowledge about the sources and distribution of pollutants.
2. To comprehend the effect of the atmospheric and oceanic processes on the long-range transport.
3. To learn the relationship between the pollution in the polar regions and the human impact.
4. To understand the precautions that should be taken to protect the polar regions from pollution.

Course Description

Sources, types and distribution of pollution, long-distance transport through atmosphere or ocean, polar conditions affecting the distributions and lifetimes of pollutants, transmission of pollutants through the polar food chains, over-fıshing and over-hunting in the polar regions, global warming and effects on the polar regions, climate change, the need for environmental protection of polar regions.

Course Coordinator
Sevil Deniz Yakan Dündar
Course Language
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