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CBM 514 - Odor and VOC Control in the Evironmental Systems

Course Objectives

The learning objectives of this course are given below:
1. Giving the basic knowledge to student about odor and VOC pollution arising environmental systems,and raising the awareness
2. To be informed of students about odor and VOC pollutants sampling and measurument, air quality management application and legal statue.
3. Undestanding of odor and VOC formation mechanism and control methodologies for environmental systems and take into consideration for design criteria of env. Systems.

Course Description

Introduction, definition of odor and VOC. Odor sampling and measurement techniques on the sources and ambient air.Olfactometric and analytical techniques.Toxic air emission. Odor generation and release on the Environmental Systems(collection systems, wastewater treatment plants, sludge digestion and drying plants, combustion plants, gasification plants, solid and hazardous waste deposition plants, compost plants). Odor emission inventory. Odor nuisance and effects on the public health ıssues.Minimizing odor and fugitif VOC emissions.Containment of odors and emissions from wastewater Treatment plants. Biological, phsycochemical and thermal odor control.odor modeling. Odor pollution legislation

Course Coordinator
Kadir Alp
Course Language
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