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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Yönetimde Modelleme
English Modeling in Management
Course Code
MHY 516 Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Ayberk Soyer
Umut Asan
Course Objectives 1. Gaining a perspective based on systems approach, modeling and operationalization in defining and solving managerial problems.
2. Mastering scientific and applied research on managerial topics with an engineering point of view.
Course Description The methods and processes addressing managerial problems with an engineering point of view in order to improve organizations’ managerial performance:
Overview of Management and Management Problems, Scientific Research Process, Measurement, Data Collection Methods, Qualitative Research Methods, Quantitative Research Methods, Modeling Applications.
Course Outcomes Students who pass the course will be able to:

I. Examine management problems via systems approach
II. Model and operationalize management problems
III. Analyze constructed models by using scientific methods
IV. Study managerial problems in a systematic way
Pre-requisite(s) Management and Organization
Systems Analysis and Simulation
Fundamentals Probability and Statistics
Required Facilities
Other References • K. N. Krishnaswamy, A.I. Sivakumar and M. Mathirajan (2006). Management Research Methodology: Integration of Methods and Techniques, Pearson Education, India.
• U. Sekaran and R. Bougie (2010), Research Methods for Business: A Skill Building Approach, John Wiley & Sons, UK.
• A. Diamantopoulos and J. A.Siguaw, (2000), Introducing LISREL: A guide for the uninitiated, Sage Pub., Thousand Oaks, California.
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