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EUT 551E - Design for Social Innovation

Course Objectives

1. Informing the students about what social innovation is and how design was used for social innovation so far.
2. Introducing the basic concepts of design for social innovation literature by presenting information from the literature.
3. Providing hands-on experience in a field investigating a designer’s role in social innovation projects.
4. Promoting design practice for social innovation.

Course Description

Introduction of the relationship of design and democracy, A brief history of design for social responsibility, Design for NGOs and cooperatives, Concepts of social innovation in the world, Concepts of social innovation in Turkey, Concepts of design for social innovation, Fieldwork for social innovation, Basic concepts of fieldwork, Selecting the field of inquiry, Analysis of the field and eliciting problems, Methods to develop the project, Developing a project specific to the field, Visualising the projects, Project reviews on the field

Course Coordinator
Çiğdem Kaya
Çiğdem Kaya
Course Language
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