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ELK 509 - High Voltage Measurement Techniques

Course Objectives

1. Introduction of high voltage test laboratories,
2. The principles of high voltage measurement techniques and measuring instruments,
3. The application of measuring during the destructive and undestructive high voltage experiments.

Course Description

Fundamental principles of high voltage measurement techniques, electrostatic high voltage measuring instruments, voltmeters based upon the generator principle, peak value measuring instruments, voltage measurement with sphere gaps, measurement with Klidonograph measurement with voltage transformers, high voltage dividers, measurement of impulse currents, capacitance and dielectric loss measurement, measurement of corona losses, measurement of electrostatic fields, experimental determination of the breakdown voltage and the breakdown strength of insulating materials, the evaluation of the test results by statistical methods.

Course Coordinator
Kevork Mardikyan
Kevork Mardikyan
Course Language
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