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CHZ 502 - Particle Technology

Course Description

Mechanical properties of particles

. Definition and Properties of Particles: Definition of Particles, Particles Size Properties, Definition of Average Size, Shape Factor and Measurement Methods

2. Particle Systems: Definition, Common Properties, Particle Density, Bulk Density, Specific Surface Area

3. Particle Size Distribution and Their Presantation:Arithmetic Normal Distribution, The Log-Normal Distribution, The Gates-Gaudin Schumann Distribution, The Martin Distribution, The Rosin-Rammler Distribution

4. Particle Size Measurements: Sieve Analysis Methods, Microscopic Methods, Sedimentation Methods, Elutriation Methods, Specific Surface Area Measurement Methods

5. Particle Hydrodynamics :Definition, Newton’s Law, Stokes Law

6. Solid-Liquid Motions in Mineral Processing: Concentration Based on Scrubbing and Screening, Specific Gravity Concentration Techniques, Magnetic Separation Techniques, Flotation Techniques, Leaching

Course Coordinator
Gülay Bulut
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