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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Tıbbi Bilişimin Temelleri
English Basics of Biomedical Informatics
Course Code
BYM 516E Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Serkan Türkeli
Course Objectives At the end of this course, students will be able to
• Define medical informatics
• Define information management, information technology and informatics
• Define concepts of medical informatics
• Selecting best techniques to manage a medical informatics project.
Course Description This course is designed to provide the student an overview of the medical informatics and how it relates to healthcare operations. This course introduces students to the procedures, tools, and techniques used in planning and managing medical informatics projects. Students will learn computer-based tools in health care, human computer interfaces, an introduction to computer applications in medicine, electronic health record, database, knowledge-based systems, medical decision and analysis, introduction to health information systems: communication and networks, telemedicine and Internet applications, advance topics in biomedical informatics.
Course Outcomes
Required Facilities
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