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PET 528E - Phase Behavi.of Petr.Fluids

Course Objectives

1.To inform students on phase behavior of petroleum and natural gas related hydrocarbons in detail;
2.To introduce students gas-liquid hydrocarbon equilibrium and models used to simulate gas-liquid equilibria;
3.To explain compositional and PVT measurement techniques;
4.To explain how to characterize petroleum and natural gas components ;
5.To introduce compositional gradient in natural hydrocarbon reservoirs, solid phase formation conditions l(asphaltene precipitation and wax formation).

Course Description

Classification of petroleum and natural gas related hydrocarbons; Classification of petroleum reservoir fluids based on their phase behavior characteristics; Production characteristics of petroleum and natural gas; Empirical physical property correlations; Compositional analysis of petroleum and natural gas; Phase equilibrium in vapor-liquid hydrocarbon systems; Fluid phase equilibria using equation of state; Characterization of petroleum and natural gas fluids; Splitting and lumping of heavier ends in petroleum and gas condensates; Experimental methods in PVT measurements; Compositional grading in petroleum reservoirs; Prediction of asphaltene precipitation and wax formation.

Course Coordinator
Şenol Yamanlar
Course Language
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