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DEP 511E - Seismic Reliability Analysis of Structures

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to help future engineers in acquiring the following skills:
1- Analyzing reliability of structures,
2- Understanding the probabilistic approaches employed in the existing design codes,
3- Solving engineering design problems that are subject to uncertainty,
4- Examining the assumptions made in reliability analyses.

Course Description

Review of probability theory, characteristics of random processes, definition of engineering reliability, first and second order reliability analysis methods (1st and 2nd order approximations to limit state), common reliability indices (Cornell, Hasofer and Lind), Monte Carlo simulation (Plain and directional approach), response surface method, reliability of structural systems, time dependent reliability analysis (time dependent limit state function), seismic fragility analysis, reliability updating, fundamentals of earthquake hazard analysis.

Course Coordinator
Ufuk Yazgan
Ufuk Yazgan
Course Language
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