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EUT 616E - Methods for Prac.Desig.Res.

Course Objectives

1. Portraying the literature of practice-led design research.
2. Informing the basic concepts of practice-led design research.
3. Providing background theory to assist students to construct research concepts that can be addressed with practice-led research.
4. Providing methods to address a particular research question in practice-led design research.
5. Providing skills to find an appropriate method or modify one to be used in practice-led research.
6. To develop a mock practice-led design research plan.

Course Description

When do we need practice-led research? Strengths and weaknesses; Practice, practitioner and reflection-in-action; Examples of prior practice-led design research; Practice-led research for industrial design; Designing through participants; Action research for design research; Participatory observation for design research; Overview of other methods for design research; Capturing one’s performance: Drawing, photography, diaries and descriptive writing; Video footage and audio footage; Selecting an appropriate concept of inquiry; Constructing a research question; Studying methods to address the research question; Developing a research diagram.

Course Coordinator
Çiğdem Kaya
Course Language
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