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ISL 514E - Process Management

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is
1. To teach the basic concepts and characteristics, advantages/benefits and possible challenges of process management, relationships of process management with other management systems and information technologies, methods and techniques related to analysis, design, implementation, automation, evaluation and improvement of processes by using case studies and best-practices from industry.
2. To provide a systematical, analytical and managerial perspective for evaluating organizational performance through process-based view and for benefiting from process management methodologies in solving problems of and improving the work and managerial systems while raising the consciousness about the need for alignment of corporate strategies and objectives with processes and by explaining the impact of process management on quality improvement and operational effectiveness that are highly required for competitive advantage.

Course Description

Basic concepts of process management, underlying philosophy and approaches to process management, related management tools, tools and methods of process management process including business processes life cycles, process analysis, process mapping, information and work flows, value stream mapping, process performance monitoring and evaluation-KPIs, process improvement, process design, benchmarking and reengineering, critical processes, 6 sigma approach, process management links to strategy and culture, employee involvement, improvement teams, process automation, Examples of applications in production and business processes

Course Coordinator
Nihan Yıldırım
Course Language
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