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GEO 526E - Mapping with Remot.Sensed Data

Course Objectives

1. Producing maps in different scales and for various purposes by using remotely sensed data.
2. Determining appropriate image processing and cartographic design methods to design topographic and thematic maps for different mapping applications.
3. Explicating spatial and thematic accuracy of the remotely sensed data in terms of cartography.
4. Examining the use of remotely sensed data for producing various scaled maps in terms of cartography.
5. Improving practical abilities through term project.

Course Description

Appropriate remotely sensed data and image processing methods should be used considering the purpose, scope, scale and expected accuracy for the application while producing maps using remote sensing. It is important to produce maps complied with national and international standards. This course aims to explain spatial resolution, locational/thematic accuracy and uncertainty terms in remote sensing. The main approaches, which are used for designing topographic and thematic maps in large, medium or small scale by using remotely sensed data, will be explained by considering cartographic design principles.

Course Coordinator
Elif Sertel
Ahmet Özgür Doğru
Course Language
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