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MAD 605E - Microtunnelling

Course Objectives

1) To teach selection and design principles for microtunnel excavation machines,
2) To teach how to predict excavation performance of microtunnel excavation machines,
3) To teach how to predict pipe jacking force,
4) To give a background on economical application conditions.

Course Description

Introduction. Project Planning, Site Layout and Logistics, Construction Management. In-situ and Laboratory Site Investigations for Soils and Rocks. Microtunnelling Shaft Design and Construction Methods. Soil and Rock Cutting Tools, Mechanics of Soil and Rock Cutting, Performance Prediction. Steerable Full-Face Excavation Methods for Pipeline Installation. Guidance with Lasers. Solids Control and Plant Design. Non-Steerable Full-Face Excavation Methods for Pipeline Installation. Part-Face Excavation Methods for Pipeline Installation. Ground Displacement Methods for Pipeline Installation. Combined Methods for Pipeline Installation. Microtunneling Pipes. Soil Conditioning and Lubrication. Face Pressure and Jacking Force Prediction. Surface Settlements. Intermediate Jacking Station Design. Pipeline Inspection Methods. Pipeline Replacement Methods. Pipeline Rehabilitation Methods. Scheduling. Costing. Emerging Microtunnelling Technologies.

Course Coordinator
Hanifi Çopur
Course Language
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