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UUM 522E - Celestial and Applied Orbital Mechanics

Course Objectives

To inform the students about
1-motion of the matter and systems of matter in the universe under the gravitational forces
2-stability of formation of planets, solar system and galaxy

Course Description

Objects in the Universe and their motion. The Two-Body Problem; classification of orbits. The many body problem; the Lagrange's solution for the three-body problem. General perturbations; special perturbations. Coordinates and observational data; observational methods. The stability and evolution of the solar system. Mechanics of system of mass-points. Poincaré's recurrence theorem. Liouville's theorem. The virial theorem. Stellar systems as gravitating continua. Hydrodynamics; applications to our galaxy and to the systems of galaxies.

Course Coordinator
Cuma Yarım
Course Language
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