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UUM 542 - Boundary Layer Flow

Course Objectives

1- To give a deep understanding of flow structure, behaviors and impacts of laminar and turbulent boundary layers.
2- To instruct exact solutions and approximate methods used in laminar boundary layer calculations besides computational methods.
3- To introduce stability theory of laminar flows and prediction methods for onset of turbulence.
4- To give knowledge on fundamental concepts of turbulent flows, turbulent boundary layers and solution methods.

Course Description

Introduction to Boundary Layer Theory; General Properties of Laminar Boundary Layer Equations. Exact Solutions of the Two Dimensional Boundary Layers; Approximate Methods for the Solution of the Two-Dimensional, Steady Boundary-Layer Equations; Axisymmetric and Three-Dimensional Boundary Layers; Boundary Layer Control; Transition and Stability Theory of Laminar Flows; Fundamentals of Turbulent Flows; Turbulent Channel Flows (internal flows); Turbulent Boundary Layers, Free Shear Flows.

Course Coordinator
Duygu Erdem
Course Language
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