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TEL 524E - Computational EM.

Course Objectives

I. Classification of electromagnetic problems in terms of boundary conditions, solution regions and differential equations
II. Introduction of numerical techniques that can be used for the solution of EM problems
III. The analysis of properties, limits and applications of numerical techniques like Finite difference (FD), Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) and Method of Moments
IV. Analytical and numerical solution of canonical problems and comparison of results
V. The application of the numerical methods to more complex problems

Course Description

Review of electromagnetic (EM) theory, classification of electromagnetic problems, general analytical approaches for the solution of differential equations. Numerical solution of time and frequency domain problems using differential equation and integral equation methods. Finite difference method, finite difference time domain method, method of moment. Properties and limits of methods. Application of numerical methods on typical EM problems.

Course Coordinator
Funda Akleman Yapar
Course Language
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