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UUM 510E - Computational Fluid Dynamics

Course Objectives

Due to the recent advances in computer technology, the goal is to teach students the basic computational techniques becoming increasingly common and their implementation to the basic problems of fluid mechanics, to improve their ability to use these techniques and to improve student skills for evaluating new techniques.

Course Description

Analytic aspects of partial differential equations; Introduction to finite difference, finite volume and finite element methods; Analysis of numerical methods; Steady convection-diffusion equation; Unsteady convection-diffusion equation; Iterative and direct solution techniques; Governing equations of fluid dynamics; Scalar conservation laws; The Euler equations in one space dimension; Numerical solution of the Euler equaitons in general domains; Unified methods for incompressible and compressible flow computations; Numerical methods for incompressible fluid flows.

Course Coordinator
Mehmet Şahin
Course Language
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