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PEM 504 - Project II

Course Objectives

To teach how to read a settlement and to instill basic principles of community design.
2. To instill basic values and principles of landscape design at the scale of settlement.
3. To demonstrate how to work with clients and the public.
4. To teach the effective presentation of complex design.
5. To teach how construction and materials can affect a design.

Course Description

Introduction, research and precedents assigned, Pin-up of research and precedents, individual study areas assigned, Determination of design program and function diagram, Conceptual design, Conceptual design review and formal study, 1:500 preliminary sketches, 1:500 preliminary design, 1:200 sketches, 1:200 final design, Final design review, 1:50 Construction drawings, 1:20 Construction drawings, Detail drawings and documentation.

Course Coordinator
Fatma Ayçim Türer Başkaya
Course Language
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