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BYM 504E - Biomedical Imaging Systems

Course Objectives

This course will provide a detailed review of imaging principles and instrumentation of all the conventional clinical imaging systems, including X-ray radiography, computerized tomography (CT), gamma camera, SPECT, PET, ultrasound (US), Doppler US, Magnetic Resonance (MR) and functional MR (f-MR).

Course Description

• General characteristics of imaging systems;
• X-ray and CT: general principles, interaction of X-rays with tissues, contrast agents, imaging techniques, image reconstruction, radiation dose;
• Nuclear Medicine: general principles, radionuclide, radioactive decay, gamma camera, imaging techniques, SPECT, PET;
• Ultrasound imaging: general principles, interaction of acoustic waves with tissue, acoustic impedance, instrumentation, scanning modes, artifacts, blood velocity measurements, contrast agents;
• MR imaging: general principles, nuclear magnetism, magnetic resonance, instrumentation, imaging sequences, contrast agents, imaging techniques, functional MRI.

Course Coordinator
Fatma İnci Çilesiz
Course Language
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