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ELK 512 - Power System Control

Course Objectives

1. The aim of this course is to give basic concepts for power system stability and control, and modeling of basic components of the system
2. To determine criteria for load-frequency and automatic generation control in power system
3. Primary and secondary voltage control of power system and modeling of FACTS equipments used for this aim
4. Small signal stability and modeling of the equipments affecting it
5. To give knowledge about economic dispatch and unit commitment in power system
6. To give knowledge about modern control methods at power system.

Course Description

Introduction to power system control and classification. Modelling of synchronous machine, prime movers, automatic voltage regulators, governors, loads and transformers in control perspective. Load-frequency control and automatic generation control. Automatic voltage regulator and power system stabilizer. Small-signal stability, controllability and observability. Effects of synchronous machine excitation circuit, automatic voltage regulator and power system stabilizer on small-signal stability. Reactive power and voltage control in transmission systems. Modelling of FACTS equipments. Economic dispatch and unit commitment. Applications of modern control methods to power system.

Course Coordinator
Hatice Lale Zeynelgil
Course Language
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