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UMT 515 - Production of Nuclear Materials and Their Properties

Course Objectives

1.Nuclear energy and materials are produced by peculiar method and characterization processes.
2. It is aimed to describe nuclear reactors and nuclear materials that was also in the agenda of energy production for our country within the scope of this lecture to postgraduates in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering.
3. To teach of Nuclear reactors and fuels
4. To give information about nuclear materials used in nuclear industry
5. Their production methods and basic properties will be introduced in detail.

Course Description

Introduction to nuclear metallurgy. Nuclear metal resources and their use in both the World and Turkey, Production of nuclear materials and fuels in nuclear energy. Principles and basics of nuclear energy production, Nuclear reactors, Extraction of materials used in nuclear reactors. Characterization of nuclear materials, Equipments in nuclear energy production. Radiation and propagation. Radiation control, Materials in radiation control and their properties, Fuel wastes and control. Materials produced from nuclear reactors and used in industry and their properties, Recent developments in nuclear energy

Course Coordinator
Mahmut Ercan Açma
Mahmut Ercan Açma
Üner Çolak
Course Language
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