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PET 513E - Numerical Reservoir Simaulatio

Course Objectives

The objective of the course is to acquaint the students with basic theory of reservoir simulation and applications.

Course Description

Basic mathematical and reservoir engineering concepts required in numerical reservoir simulation; Derivation of basic fluid and heat flow equations in porous media (continuity, diffusivity, and heat flow equations); Numerical solution techniques (finite difference techniques); Grid systems (point- and block-centered grids); Stability analysis, convergence and truncation error analysis; Explicit and implicit methods; Simulation of 1-D linear flow of slightly compressible fluid of constant viscosity; Solution techniques for banded and sparse matrix-vector equations; 1-D single phase (either oil or gas) radial flow towards a fully penetrating vertical well in circular reservoir; Treatment of nonlinear terms in simulation; 1-D two phase flow simulation (IMPES and other related methods); Incoporation of production/injection wells in x-y systems (Peaceman approach); Simulation of 2-D single phase flow of slightly compressible fluid; several applications based on simulators to be developed by students taking the course and comparisons of their results with available commercial simulators in the department.

Course Coordinator
Mustafa Onur
Course Language
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