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ZMG 503E - Stochastic Methods in Geotechnical Engineering

Course Objectives

The goal of this course is to provide students with current knowledge on stochastic methodology theory and practice.

Course Description

Review of Probability Theory
Random Variables
Random Vibrations
Linear Systems (S.D.O.F., M.D.O.F., Continuous)
Monte Carlo Simulation
Response of Linear Systems to Non-Stationary Excitation
Failures Resulting from Dynamic Response
Random Fields : Fundamentals of Analysis of Random Fields
2nd Order Analysis of Homogeneous Random Fields
Spectral Parameters, Level Excursions and Extremes
Parameter Estimation, Optimal Sampling
Local Averages and Extremes
Applications to Engineering and Science

Course Coordinator
Derin Nur Serpengüzel
Derin Nur Serpengüzel
Course Language
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