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DEP 501E - Engineering Seismology

Course Objectives

1.Providing necessary information, knowledge and background to the civil engineers to be educated in this field for the earthquakes acting on structures in the important projects,
2.To provide engineers endowed with the fundamental terminology to understand the reports prepared by geologist and geophysicist,
3.To provide necessary knowledge how to prepare earthquake hazard map and main essentials of earthquake destructiveness for preparing codes,
4.Giving and providing important knowledge for selecting & using recorded and simulated accelerations.

Course Description

Earthquakes, Elastic rebound theory, Plate tectonics, Turkey’s tectonics and seismicity, Properties of earthquake waves, Wave propagation, Intensity and Magnitude, Faults and seismic moment relations, Properties of strong motion records, Response spectra, Derivation of tripartite design spectrum, Fourier amplitude spectrum, Microseismic instrumental intensities, Simulation and attenuation of strong ground motion, Seismic risk analysis, Hazard analysis, Earthquake codes, Earthquake Damages.

Course Coordinator
Beyza Taşkın
Course Language
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